Frequently Asked Question ?

What car qualifies as a "Classic" ?

The definition has intentionally been left very vague in order to encourage as many different makes and models of cars as possible. If you consider your car to be a classic, then that is good enough for us !

What cars do RCCC members own ?

There is a complete cross-section, but to name just a few: Austin Healey's, MG's, Jaguar's, Ferrari's, Alpha Romeo's, Triumph's, Mercedes, Morgan's, Lotus, Porsche, Bentleys, Fiats, Jeeps, TVR's, Lancia's .... For a complete list of vehicles please contact the club.

Where do the meetings and runs take place ?

The meeting is made up of a start point, normally a cafe/bar with adequate parking where vehicles and members can get together, the drive itself, and finally a restaurant or other venue for a drink and something to eat afterwards. Each meeting is organised by one the members of the club and the organiser then selects the starting point, route and destination. In general the routes are within the Alpes Maritimes, Var and Monaco/Italian border. Occasionally, routes are set to a specific destinations or event such as a Chateau, vineyard or music concert.

How long is the drive and which roads do they follow ?

Generally, the route takes around two hours and wherever possible includes scenic roads with light traffic. Occasionally, there may be a need to use a major road or motorway, but normally this is avoided. The route can either be circular, i.e A to A, but can sometime have a different start and end point i.e. or A to B. (There are no rules) Information about the the meeting point, route and restaurant is posted on the website in advance. Full route notes are provided to each driver at the start point and a telephone number is available in case you get lost or break down !!

What happens if I get lost or my car breaks down ?

So far we have not lost any cars or drivers en-route, although we have had vehicles break down. A telephone number is provided at the start point so that you can contact the organiser of the meeting to let them know that your are lost or have broken down, and of course how best to get to the final destination. If your car has broken down you will need to contact your insurer or make arrangements to have it recovered.

What happens if the weather forecast is bad for a scheduled meeting ?

As many of our cars are convertible, combined with the fact that there are so many sunny days here on the Riviera, we may postpone the meeting if the weather forecast is bad. For this reason, if you are in doubt, please check the website the Sunday morning prior to the meeting, to ensure the run is taking place. If the forecast is bad for a scheduled meeting, it is normally postponed to the following Sunday.

Do I need to register to attend ?

Yes. All members and visitors need to register in order to keep track of the number of vehicles and names of the drivers. The good news is that registration is free of charge!

How do I register as a member ?

To join you simply need to complete a registration form which is available at each meeting or email the club directly. The registration form provides us with information about you and your car. As a member, you also to agree to organise/co-organise one run per annum.

Can I come to just part of the meeting ?

Yes, You can come to just the start point to meet other members, participate in the run and leave directly, or arrive at the destination. When a meal is organised at a restaurant and you wish to eat with the group, you should let the organiser know in advance.

Who organises the meetings ?

Each meeting is organised by one of the members is conjunction with the club. This ensures that each meeting has an individual feel, different routes are planned and new destinations sought out. No two meetings will be the same ! Once you are a registered member you can volunteer to organise a meeting, but ensure you have the time to do the research necessary for a good meeting.

Can I bring friends/visitors ?

Yes, visitors with classic cars are always welcome and if you have friends staying then they can join in too, but remember this is primarily a club for classic cars and their owners.

How is the club financed ?

Membership to the club is free of charge and therefore the meetings take place on the basis that the organising member not only plans the route and restaurant, but also absorbs any out-of pocket expenses, such as providing refreshments on arrival for example.

Can I sponsor or support the club in any way ?

You may sponsor the club in a number of different ways. Please contact us to discuss the various options.

I am a business, can I be included in your "links" page ?

If your business is directly related to Classic Cars, it can be included either as a sponsor & friend of the club, or below as a general listing.

Question still not answered ?

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Next Club Meeting

Sunday, October 16th


No formal run this montth as there are so many people away however, Jon is oransing a casual get toegther. If you want to join in email


If you want to join the Club, email Jon for more information.

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